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The Frugal Gardener

Serving the Lower Hudson Valley in New York State

Gardening, Landscape Design and Estate Management

The Frugal Gardener can help you design and create an outdoor space that will nourish the spirit and impress the neighbors. Turn that weed patch into a leafy haven. See your established plantings through the seasons. Work and learn with an expert, or let the expert do it all! Whether you long for cool green shade or a sun-splashed riot of color, the Frugal Gardener, will see to it that you have the garden of your dreams.

The Gardener's Gardener

Greg Nieczaj, (NEETCH-eye),The Frugal Gardener, has worked in Westchester County, East Hampton and the mid-Hudson Valley. Greg has a greenhouse and a large garden of his own and can supply his customers with selected plants from his own stock. His methods are organic and earth friendly; he can make things grow without the use of toxic chemicals.

Greg developed his love of plants as a child in his native Poland, under the tutelage of his grandmother, an organic farmer and skilled herbalist. Another influence was his friend and mentor, the writer John Brimer. Greg cared for Mr. Brimer's garden during the last three years of the noted horticulturist's long life.

Greg came to this country as a teenager and graduated in 1986 from the James I. O'Neill High school in Highland Falls, New York. He has recently completed the Landscape Design Certificate Program at the New York Botanical Garden.

Greg's work is his hobby. Here are some of the plants that winter in his greenhouse.

With his dedication to his work and constant updating of his knowlege of plants and their care, Greg Nieczaj offers the best of both worlds, old and new. He can truly be called a Gardener's Gardener.

Greg Nieczaj (NEECH-eye) can be reached at
(845) 446-7465

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